About Us


As the world of web conferencing developed, it became an integral means of distance communication. Clients turned to a group of experts in software development and computer solutions to create complete solutions, enabling web conferencing to be integrated into learning, training and other computer systems.

Thanks to our client’s needs, these experts founded Groopex in 2007.

Since then, Groopex has developed solutions for live online distance learning and corporate training, with many more products in development.

Online distance learning schools using Moodle and custom LMSs have been using Groopex products for years, and thanks to their input, Groopex continues to create better, more efficient and easy to use products.

Groopex’s uniqueness is its flexibility and quality. Using open source learning management systems, enabling easy integration into a company’s system, as well as designing and fitting it to their needs, and enabling one to choose their preferred conferencing providers, from the leaders in the field such as Cisco’s WebEx and Citrix GoToMeeting, Groopex provides a complete and high quality solution.

Groopex is a privately held company as it was upon being founded, it is committed to continue developing conferencing solutions, contributing to the new growing world of conferencing communication