Groopex Integrated Conferencing - for the Education Marketplace


What if the process involved in delivering online learning for education institutions could be improved?

What if students and instructors could more easily share, interact and collaborate in real time?

Groopex tackled these questions and created Groopex Integrated Conferencing (GIC)—a middleware solution that delivers an enhanced learning experience through the integration of third-party web conferencing platforms and learning management systems (LMSs) to deliver real-time learning. The result is an easy-to-use and flexible learning environment that addresses the ever-growing need for online education programs without the need to add IT or administrative staff and the ability to offer courses anywhere, anytime using a standard Internet connection.

GIC Enables Education Opportunities

Institutions offering online learning implement GIC because the solution:

GIC offers the capability of creating a complete live, online learning platform and provides high-quality synchronous online classes. GIC is platform independent and integrates with standard learning management systems such as Moodle and industry-leading web conferencing providers, Cisco's WebExTM Meeting Center, Training Center, Event Center, and Citrix GoToMeeting and GoToTraining.

The online classes created by the Groopex integration allow for full web conferencing capabilities, including multi-party video, audio, whiteboard, desktop sharing and document editing. This system includes the online learning content, allowing participants to view and interact with learning materials. Online classes can be recorded, archived, and easily accessed from the course page for later review. The LMS provides the infrastructure to manage online education programs, including class scheduling, assignment handling and online examinations with grading management and the web conferencing platform connects the dots for live interaction and collaboration.

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