Groopex Integrated Conferencing provides Moodle WebEx integration and Moodle Live Meeting integration, allowing hosting of actual classes directly from an LMS, bypassing the need for a physical environment for your establishment. Web conferencing programs such as WebEx Meeting CenterWebEx Training Center, and WebEx Event Center fills the needs of the common classroom, such as:

Further, web conferencing exceeds the abilities of the typical classroom by additionally providing the following:

Groopex provides a complete E-Learning solution, combining learning management systems (LMS) with fully integrated web conferencing. Our unparalleled comprehensive offerings enable your establishment to run and manage a worldwide online school or provide corporate training to multiple offsite facilities with ease.

An LMS, such as Moodle, allows your faculty to create a school online without needing a physical headquarters. It covers the management of all the needs of a typical office staff, such as:

Because of these capabilities, many schools and universities use an LMS as their infrastructure for managing education. For the classes themselves, teachers and students have to come to school and show up to their classes. This provides a burden on the school, and on the students. Schools need to have a physical location, with enough room for the amount of classes they are offering, and limit themselves to teachers and students who are geographically able to attend.

In the classical school setting, the disadvantages are numerous:

Groopex has enabled education opportunities which heretofore were impossible. Thanks to Groopex, teachers living in their own country have been able to teach language to foreign students elsewhere, as well as start up an online school in 2007, which so far has reached over 9000 students in over 120 different cities worldwide. With Groopex, many unheard of teaching conditions are now possible, including:

The above list at first glance might seem like a fantasy, but is a reality when using Groopex Integrated Conferencing for E-Learning. Our clients have already done everything mentioned here, and so can you.

We at Groopex use our own products in-house for corporate training and staff meetings, so we understand your needs and our products very well.