LMS Web Conferencing Integration


Integrating your organization's LMS with web conferencing offers you the ability to create and access online interactive classrooms, greatly enhancing your organization's elearning capabilities. LMSs enable the management of a learning and training environment. They essentially provide students and employees with a complete virtual study environment. Web conferencing allows multiple participants from various locations to communicate live using audio, video, chat, shared desktop and other communication tools.

Until recently, LMSs and web conferencing services were standalone applications lacking any connection between both platforms. Requiring the user to access two independent platforms severely limited the ability of utilizing web conferencing functionalities efficiently and effectively within an elearning framework.

An integrated LMS-web conferencing platform enables your organization to effortlessly use web conferencing functionalities enhancing your elearning program with online interactive classrooms. By integrating your LMS's with your web conferencing service, you can simply schedule classes in your LMS, and the integrated system will automatically schedule the necessary web conferencing sessions accordingly. Additionally, students and lecturers can directly access the online classes from within the LMS, removing the tedious process of having to access two separate systems which was previously required. Lastly, additional data such as recorded archives and class attendance statistics can be simply organized and accessed in the LMS, creating one centralized learning environment.

Groopex integrates Moodle with the high-quality web conferencing services of Cisco's WebEx and Microsoft's Live Meeting. Moodle is a popular open-source LMS. This integrated platform offers organization's a state-of-the-art online distance teaching and learning environment, complete with live interactive online classrooms.