Groopex Integrated Conferencing for Moodle System Requirements


Due to the great proliferation of Linux Distributions, we have tested some of the most common ones used by our clients. If you need support for a specific distribution, please contact us, and we will update our support matrix for it.

Host (Teacher) Requirements:

An Internet connection and a web browser with JavaScript enabled from one of the following:

Note, that while Groopex Integrated Conferencing's Moodle components work with the above browsers, conferencing providers such as Cisco's WebEx and Microsoft Live Meeting apply additional restrictions, and the above browsers may not work with their products at this time.

WebEx and Live Meeting may require the installation of a recent version of a Java Virtual Machine and Runtime Environment.

Attendee (Student) Requirements:

An Internet connection and a web browser. JavaScript will enhance the user experience, but is not required for attendees. As above, conferencing providers may apply additional requirements.


At the time of this writing, WebEx Meeting Center, WebEx Training Center, Webex Event Center, and Microsoft Live Meeting all work with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Linux with GNOME or KDE, and Mac OS X.