Moodle with Integrated Web Conferencing


Groopex Integrated Conferencing for Moodle seamlessly integrates Cisco's WebEx and Microsoft's Live Meeting within the Moodle environment, providing many benefits listed below. Groopex's solution also provides additional functions such as automatic archiving of recorded classes and class participant statistics, producing a complete online synchronous learning solution.  


Using Moodle and WebEx without Groopex:

Utilizing independent Moodle and WebEx or Live Meeting platforms require users to access two separate environments. As a result, the implementation of web conferencing as an online learning tool is time consuming, inefficient, not user friendly and prone to human mistakes. 
Moreover, recorded lessons are not automatically organized in the archive, hindering the accessibility and usability of the archive. 
Additionally, from an administrative point of view, the institution has to manage and supervise the use of these two platforms individually. This demands more man-hours and is liable to human error.

Proposed solution - Groopex GIC:

Seamlessly integrating WebEx and Live Meeting into Moodle provides administration, teachers and students complete web conferencing functionality without leaving the Moodle environment. This solution saves time, allows efficient organization of the learning system and prevents errors. 
In addition, an archive with recorded lessons is accessible to both teachers and students directly from Moodle. The archive is automatically arranged by courses creating a usable and well-organized database. 
The Groopex package also records participant statistics such as class entry and exit time of each user, contributing to the institution's monitoring capabilities. 

Groopex offers teachers and management: 

Groopex offers students: