Online Distance Learning

Online distance learning delivers education to millions of people around the world. It gives students the freedom to benefit from the education they want, wherever they are. Additionally, students can save on transportation and housing costs and combine their online education with their existing work routine. This opens up the possibility for many to attain the education not previously accessible to them.

Not only does your online distance learning program benefit from reaching a wider population, the ability to operate unrestricted by a physical location provides many advantages including:

  • No real estate and upkeep costs
  • Selection of teachers is unlimited regarding geographical location
  • No delays due to traffic or bad weather
  • Minor ailments don't prevent teachers and students to attend classes

Groopex integrates Moodle with the high-quality web conferencing services of Cisco's WebEx and Microsoft's Live Meeting. This integrated platform offers you a state-of-the-art online distance teaching and learning environment, complete with live interactive online classrooms.

Your online school platform includes:

  • Single-click login.
  • High quality web conferencing capabilities, enabling live interactive online classrooms.
  • Comprehensive recording of classes including audio, video and whiteboard.
  • Easy-to-use archiving capabilities providing a centralized automated archive retrieval system.
  • Simple scheduling. A whole semester can be scheduled in one click.
  • Complete integration with Moodle's LMS, including:
    • Semesters, courses, teachers, and students
    • Enrollment, including tuition management, and online payment
    • Calendar for each course, or the school year, integrated with popular calendar software
    • Distribution of course material, such as slides, documents, and homework
    • Homework grading, and online tests
    • Transcripts and report generation
    • Bulletin boards for news and school announcements
    • Leaving messages for staff, students, coworkers, and classmates
    • Chat rooms