Web Conferencing in Corporate Training


The application of web conferencing is growing rapidly and creates many new possibilities in the field of corporate training. The overall educational and training market for web conferencing is forecast to grow from $678.1 million in 2009 to $1.16 billion in 2014. The $678.1 million figure represents approximately 38% of the overall web conferencing market of $1.7 billion forecast in several other reports (Wainhouse Research). It vastly improves the online training quality and experience for employees by recreating the classroom environment online. Furthermore, web conferencing allows your organization to easily conduct training sessions globally and to better monitor employee progress. The ability to communicate using audio, video and chatting in real-time constitutes a leap forward in both online trainer-employee and inter-employee interactions.

Accomplishing unified employee training and progress monitoring across different geographic locations is a complex and often expensive project for medium to large companies. Having each location conduct  its own training may negatively affect company coherence and cooperation. Alternatively,conducting centralized training sessions bringing employees together to one location is generally very expensive and time consuming.

Web conferencing enables your organization's training programs to be conducted efficiently and effectively. Web conferencing platforms typically include:

  • Real-time audio and chatting allow all participants to communicate freely at all times 
  • Live video puts a face to fellow participants and improves interaction by giving the experience a more personal feel
  • Desktop and document sharing allow easy presentation of all training material
  • Whiteboard and annotation capabilities facilitate functionalities such as exercise solving and emphasizing content by both trainers and employees
  • Recording of classes enable employees to view missed training sessions and to review study material

By training employees using web conferencing, your organization can easily deliver a unified training program to employees in various locations simultaneously. Additionally, conducting training sessions online greatly reduces travel expenses and can save valuable time. Web conferencing can also help your organization to monitor employee progress and adapt training material efficiently by communicating directly with employees. Lastly, the recording functionalities enable your organization to record training sessions and create a centralized training archive for future use by your employees.

Groopex integrates Moodle with the high-quality web conferencing services of Cisco's WebEx and Microsoft's Live Meeting. Moodle is a popular open-source LMS. This integrated platform provides you with a complete online training platform, which includes live interactive classrooms. Groopex also offers a centralized automated archive retrieval system and comprehensive attendance statistics of training sessions, assisting your organization's online training program.